More on Selling in a Professional Services Environment

More on Selling in a Professional Services Environment

You don’t sell your services. Instead, they are bought. But sales is still a key part of communicating the value that you can bring to your prospects, and the best way to do this is to ask questions. In the corporate world, the top performing sales representatives are the ones who pitch less and ask more. By asking questions, they are like a physician trying to determine what the symptoms are so that way they can prescribe solutions. Specifically, the questions you ask will lead you to uncover the very reason why your prospect will choose you. They choose. It’s all about them making the decision, not about you pitching.

The best way to explain this is to take the concept of SPIN selling developed by Neil Rackham. First, ask questions about the SITUATION. Then find out more about the PROBLEM. Then ask questions about how that problem if unsolved will create more problems, in other words, what is the IMPLICATION if that problem is not solved. Then finally, you can articulate your uniqueness, your value, and how you can solve your prospect’s NEED.

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