Lateral Partner Process

For partners who are serious about making a move to another firm, The Attorney Search Group offers this process:


  • Research firms that fit partner’s criteria.
  • Advise prospective lateral to start compiling relevant information related to a move.
  • Run list by the attorney and confirm interest.
  • Approach either Managing Partners or Practice Group leaders to query their interest level without releasing prospective lateral name or firm.
  • Inform prospective lateral of possible interest and gain agreement in submitting info.
  • Submit credentials, practice composition, summary of top clients, and estimated portables.
  • Assuming mutual interest, schedule first meeting.
  • Prepare client and prospective lateral for meeting.
  • Debrief both sides.
  • If interest is mutually high, continue process of exploratory meetings.
  • Law firm’s LPQ submitted to prospective lateral.
  • LPQ returned to client.
  • Final meetings.
  • Final compensation discussions, and offer.
  • Acceptance of offer.
  • Prepare partner for resignation meeting.
  • Confirm transition and integration into firm.
  • Follow up to ensure a good long-term fit.