Free Resources for Law Firms

Free Resources for Law Firms

I was thrilled when one of my close friends and business associates, Laura Leopard of Leopard Solutions, asked me to do a series of webinars for both third party legal recruiters and also internal law firm recruiters.  If you are working in a law firm trying to recruit laterals to your firm, then you know how difficult it can be not just to sell your firm, but also to get the partnership to execute and contribute.  Here is a series of webinars that you can access to give you tools that will make your job easier. These are free training programs and you can even sign up to get the free replays. Share them with your leadership and other partners involved in the recruiting process.


  • Top 10 Pitfalls of Law Firm Recruiting and How to Avoid Them
  • Powerful Ways to Sell Your Firm to Prospective Laterals
  • Getting a Seat at the Table: How to Get Buy-In from Leadership, Your Own Partners and Other Staff
  • How to Use Big Data to Make Effective Decisions


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