What’s the Story?

06 May What’s the Story?

The reasons why you joined your firm are probably going to be different for everyone considering it, so you need to learn how to tell your firm’s story from a broad perspective.

If you are involved in lateral hiring at the partner level, then here are five ideas on how you can broaden your perspective:

1. Ask new laterals within your firm (less than two years) why they joined the firm.
2. Ask them how their condition has improved since joining it.
3. When they answer, ask them this: “How so?” “Can you give me an example?” “In what way, specifically?”
4. Probe further to get specific and measurable outcomes that can be quantified, such as “I received five referrals averaging $75,000 per matter that I would not have received at my previous firm.”
5. Ask questions in a way that can elicit non-monetary, substantive, and measurable responses, such as: “I received seven responses from queries internally from other partners within sixty minutes of asking them.”

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