I work in two ways. First, I recruit partners on behalf of law firms that retain me to grow their offices. Second, I will work with partners who want to move and help to introduce them to firms and facilitate the process and negotiate the comp.  I call these partners “Impact Attorneys,” meaning that they will offer an immediate impact to their new firm.  Usually this means that there is an impact to the client base, but other items that are important to firms include leadership potential, rainmaking skills and mentoring skills.

To help these Impact Attorneys understand exactly what I do in helping them move, I created a process checklist:


  1. Research firms that fit partner’s criteria as a prospective employer.
  2. Run list by I.A. (The Impact Attorney), perhaps three at a time. Confirm IA interest.
  3. Approach either Managing Partners or Practice Group leaders to query their interest level without releasing I.A. name or firm unless I.A .has already agreed to it.
  4. Inform I.A. of prospective interest and gain agreement in submitting info.
  5. Confirm client interest and commitment in considering and meeting I.A.
  6. Submit I.A.’s credentials.
  7. Assuming mutual interest, schedule meeting.
  8. Prepare client and I.A. for meeting.
  9. Debrief. Ascertain interest on both sides.
  10. If interest is mutually high, continue process of exploratory meetings.
  11. Law firm’s LPQ submitted to I.A.
  12. LPQ returned to client.
  13. Final meetings.
  14. Comp discussions.
  15. Acceptance.
  16. Prepare I.A. for resignation meeting.
  17. Confirm transition and integration into firm.
  18. Follow up to ensure a good long term fit.
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