Scott Love helps law firm partners mitigate risk and maximize opportunity when transitioning from one firm to another. He does this by understanding the nuance involved in high stakes negotiations, the requisites for synergistic and sustained client development, and the risks associated with complex career transitions.

His street-smart savvy and extensive business acumen, coupled with over two-decades of unparalleled executive search experience in facilitating or advising on thousands of career change scenarios, give an added element of security for partners who are considering a move to another firm.

Law firms which retain him to grow their offices receive thorough coverage. In addition to personally executing all aspects of the search, including first contact with prospects, Love advises firms on key variables of the search such as:

  • Strategy
  • Identifying key selling points
  • Creating a compelling narrative
  • Optics
  • Brand management
  • Managing political capital of prospective groups
  • Managing political capital within their own partnership so their colleagues willingly assist and execute
  • Client development opportunities in transitioning partners
  • Complex leadership issues that impact the successful completion of a strategic search assignment

Love is a popular thought leader on the topics of recruiting, employee loyalty, and leadership. He is a prolific speaker at business conferences and is the author of two books for the executive search industry, and the leadership book Why They Follow: How to Lead with Positive Influence.

Love is a 1989 graduate of The United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. While serving on active duty as a naval officer, he held a Top Secret security clearance, was third in command of a U S Navy ship, and later served as a leadership trainer and organizational development consultant at the world’s largest naval base.

When he is not recruiting, speaking or writing, he enjoys painting with watercolors, golf, writing fiction, working on service projects with The Washington Rotary Club, performing as a stand-up comic, getting involved in street-level homeless ministry, playing in poker tournaments, and spending time with his family. Love is a member of the National Association of Legal Search Consultants, the National Speakers Association, and is past president of two recruiting industry trade associations.  He lives in Arlington, Virginia, and is married with two children, one hamster, and one invisible dog.

Scott Love

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To develop a reputation as the most trusted, respected, and effective search firm among partners and law firms in the Washington market.

To become the first search firm considered by law firms in these markets when a partner need is realized.

To become the first search firm considered by partners when wanting to move their practice.